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Ideas and Words to Support Change and Business Development
The Team at Simply Great Copy
All media copywriter and marketing communications specialist and a qualified chef! 

An odd combination but it does give me a real insight into the catering services sector.

Over 30 years of sales, marketing, and business development experience. Passionate about creating and managing perceptions. 

Member of the Institute of Marketing for over 25 years.
This is our latest rescue and my new writing partner.

Very small but with a huge personality, say hello to Dinky. A Chihuahua Jack Russell Cross. Perfect for me to chat with about ideas and angles. Nice to have someone in the office to offer support and encouragement.  

He is a Dogs Trust dog - check out how you could help - at
Not really a team - literally one man and a dog! 

But used to working across all media and most market sectors. Highly confidential and ethical with many happy clients. It's always FREE to talk and in most cases I can give you an accurate estimate over the phone. Call me direct on 07828 019308
Chris Crossland
Feel free to download this stuff - no email required
Free - Copywriting Checklist

Want to know what I look for when reviewing online and offline copy?

Well check out the SGC Copywriting Checklist and sit back in the privacy of your own office, make a nice cup of coffee, break open the Hobnobs and take some time out to review all your marketing material. 

Free - The Magnificent Seven

No it's not the film, but the title to my mini e-book that details 7 things I believe every business owner should consider when they think about their business. 

It's been the subject of much debate and extracts 
used in publications and other media for the past 
few years, and I've even had a couple of digital 
arguments over it.